75th Judicial Conference of the Sixth Circuit Nashville, Tennessee


Welcome to the Sixth Circuit's Judicial Conference website. The Judicial Conference will convene in Nashville, Tennessee the week of May 14, 2018.


As you review the program materials included hereunder, kindly note these materials are a work in progress and will be refined until about six weeks in advance of the Conference commencement date. It is unlikely that program dates and times will change during the intervening period, but session summary descriptions and program participant information may be subject to revisions.


We ask that you register and pay all associated fees on-line. Regardless of when you register, fees will not be posted to your account until the week of April 23rd.


Kindly also note presentation materials will only be available as digital media. These materials will be posted to our website about three weeks prior to the Conference and will be available to download to a device and/or print from your home location. Our capacity to print materials on site will be limited.


Inquiries that are not addressed in the detailed information provided here may be addressed via email at or via telephone at (513) 564-7270.