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Opinion Case Number Pub Date Short Title/District Panel
19a0050p.06 18-5387 03/22/2019 United States v. Charles Eason - Western District of Tennessee at MemphisEES, DLC, JKB

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Opinion Case Number Pub Date Short Title/District Panel
19a0140n.06 18-3493 03/22/2019 Miguel Quevedo v. William P. Barr - Board of Immigration AppealsGSM, RBG, KNM
19a0141n.06 18-5789 03/22/2019 Gary Prewitt, II v. Hamline Univ. - Middle District of Tennessee at NashvilleJSS, HNW, BBD
19a0142n.06 18-1645 03/22/2019 John Hankins v. City of Inkster - Eastern District of Michigan at DetroitRGC, AMB, BBD
19a0143n.06 18-3240 03/22/2019 United States v. William Totten - Southern District of Ohio at ColumbusELC, JBS, BYP
19b0001n.06 18-8020 03/22/2019 U.S. Tommy, Inc. - U.S. Bankruptcy Court - ClevelandSWD, DSO, TNW