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Opinion Case Number Pub Date Short Title/District Panel
18a0249n.06 14-5994 05/23/2018 Kurt Smith v. Cookie Crews - Eastern District of Kentucky at LexingtonHNW, JBS, LJM
18a0250n.06 17-5050 05/23/2018 Carlos Levy v. David Osborne - Middle District of Tennessee at ColumbiaEES, JMR, JLL
18a0251n.06 17-6268 05/23/2018 United States v. Francisco Herrera - Western District of Tennessee at MemphisDJB, EES, JSS
18a0252n.06 17-4216 05/23/2018 CONSOL of Ky., Inc. v. Steve Eskut - Benefits Review BoardEES, DLC, HNW
18a0253n.06 17-3435 05/23/2018 Monty Bauch v. Richland Cty. Children Servs. - Northern District of Ohio at ClevelandEES, JLL, TSB
18a0254n.06 17-6236 05/23/2018 Eric Tuttobene v. The Assurance Group, Inc. - Middle District of Tennessee at NashvilleMCD, JBS, ART
18a0255n.06 16-2106 05/23/2018 Marlan McRae v. United States - Western District of Michigan at Grand RapidsMCD, JSG, HNW