Court Audio - Recent Hearings

06-21-2022 - Tuesday
21-5642 21-5750 Gary Grant v Drew Wilson et al Play Save

06-15-2022 - Wednesday
21-6038 USA v James Clark III Play Save

06-10-2022 - Friday
21-3418 Travis Abbott v E I du Pont de Nemours Co et al Play Save
22-3272 AZ v Joseph Biden et al Play Save

06-09-2022 - Thursday
20-2071 Michael Rop v Federal Housing Finance Agency et al Play Save
21-1722 Gerald Novak v William Federspiel et al Play Save
21-1727 Kolu Stevens v MI State Court Admin Office et al Play Save
21-1744 Wineries of the Old Mission Pe v Township of Peninsula MI et al Play Save
21-2780 21-2790 Mark Messing v Provident Life and Accident Play Save
21-2911 Rickey White v Randee Rewerts Play Save
21-2981 USA v 66369 in US currency et al Play Save
21-3801 Tarrify Properties LLC v Cuyahoga County OH et al Play Save
21-3849 Peters Broadcast Engineering v 24 Capital LLC Play Save
21-3940 JK Products Services Inc v JLW-TW Corp Play Save
21-3942 New Lansing Gardens Housing Li v Columbus Metropolitan Housing et al Play Save
21-3966 Cincinnati Enquirer v Dept of Justice Play Save
21-4123 Erica Bojicic v Richard DeWine et al Play Save
21-5543 USA v Joshua Beason Play Save
21-5889 ACT Inc v Worldwide Interactive Network Play Save
21-5962 Wild Eggs Holdings Inc v State Auto Prop and Cslty Ins Co et al Play Save
21-6155 ACT Inc v Worldwide Interactive Network Play Save
21-6193 Connie Thacker v Ethicon Inc et al Play Save
22-1013 USA v Ibraheem Musaibli Play Save
22-1014 Ronald Weiser v Jocelyn Benson et al Play Save

06-08-2022 - Wednesday
20-4341 Carolyn Valentine v Health and Wellness Lifestyle Play Save
20-5764 Dominique Wallace v USA Play Save
21-2722 USA v Monquel Paulk Play Save
21-2820 Cory Jarvela v Richard Houk Play Save
21-3226 21-3237 Monica Jackson v GE Play Save
21-3400 USA v David McCall Jr Play Save
21-5914 USA v John Lawson Play Save
21-5932 Kenneth Mynatt v USA Play Save
21-5964 Yosaun Smith v Commonspirit Health Play Save

06-07-2022 - Tuesday
21-1329 USA v Anthony Ozomaro Play Save
21-1689 Shalimar Howard v Livingston County MI Play Save
21-1717 Can IV Packard Square LLC v Craig Schubiner Play Save
21-2811 Victoria Okakpu-Mbah v Postmaster General of US Play Save
21-2952 Product Solutions Intl v Aldez Containers LLC Play Save
21-3752 TM v Richard DeWine et al Play Save
21-3764 Faburama Njai v Merrick Garland Play Save
21-4011 USA v Dazhan McCallister Play Save
21-5856 USA v Tyler Williams Play Save
21-6069 Foresight Coal Sales LLC v Kent Chandler Play Save
21-6118 Charles Stein v Christopher Gunkel Play Save

06-01-2022 - Wednesday
21-2851 Edward Render v FCA US LLC Play Save

05-24-2022 - Tuesday
18-2382 Marvin Gabrion II v USA Play Save

05-18-2022 - Wednesday
17-5065 Samuel Fields v Scott Jordan Play Save

05-17-2022 - Tuesday
22-8002 In re Kathy Ellen Richards Play Save

05-16-2022 - Monday
21-2844 Rachel Post v Trinity Health Michigan Play Save
21-3840 Mark CharltonPerkins v UC et al Play Save

05-12-2022 - Thursday
07-3766 15-4308 Odraye Jones v Margaret Bradshaw Play Save

05-10-2022 - Tuesday
20-6328 USA v LiviuSorin Nedelcu Play Save

05-05-2022 - Thursday
21-1579 and 21-2649 A B Cernelle v Graminex LLC Play Save
21-2742 Symetra Life Insurance Company v Admin Systems Research Co Play Save
21-2859 Ahmed Hammoud v Equifax Information Services Play Save
21-3723 Carrie Davis v Colerain Township OH Play Save
21-3906 Matthew Burghardt v Ezekiel Ryan et al Play Save
21-4129 Patrick Brooks v Butler County OH et al Play Save
21-5301 Daniel Stewart v Knox County TN et al Play Save
21-5736 Johnetta Carr v Louisville Jefferson Cnty KY Play Save
21-5929 Polyweave Packaging Inc v Peter Buttigieg Play Save

05-04-2022 - Wednesday
20-6102 Emmanuel Houston v Shawn Phillips Play Save
21-2685 Polina Milman v Fieger and Fieger PC et al Play Save
21-3812 Lakhvir Singh v Merrick Garland Play Save
21-5044 Mark Campbell v Cheatham County TN Sheriffs Dept et al Play Save
21-5201 Eliezer Jimenez v USA Play Save
21-5373 USA v Quinn Turner Play Save
21-5414 USA v Randy Belcher Play Save
21-5416 USA v Ricky Riddle Play Save
21-6044 Mitchel Albin v Dr David W Suetholz Play Save

04-28-2022 - Thursday
20-4182 Gene Phillips v Acacia on the Green Condo Assn et al Play Save
20-6031 Christopher Mitchell v USA Play Save
21-1238 David Payne v Benteler Automotive Corp Play Save
21-2795 Robert Shumate v City of Adrian MI Play Save
21-3647 Maxim Crane Works LP v OSHA Play Save
21-3850 James Myers v City of Centerville OH Play Save
21-3859 Patricia Wilkes v Kokosing Inc Play Save
21-5345 Caudill Seed Warehouse Co v Jarrow Formulas Inc Play Save
21-5671 Hanover American Insurance Co v Tattooed Millionaire et al Play Save
21-5671 Hanover American Insurance Co v Tattooed Millionaire Play Save
21-5704 Christopher Anderson v City of Jellico TN et al Play Save

04-27-2022 - Wednesday
20-1955 USA v Dante Whitley Play Save
20-2260 Auto Parts Antitrust Litig Play Save
21-1221 USA v Alexander Ramirez-Figueredo Play Save
21-1620 Estate of Seth Michael Zakora v Troy Chrisman et al Play Save
21-2802 Edward Pinkney v Berrien Cnty MI Play Save
21-2977 Kevin Lindke v James Freed Play Save
21-2985 Skatemore Inc v Gretchen Whitmer et al Play Save
21-3997 Michelle Snyder v Finley Co LPA Play Save
21-5569 Shaina Kirkland v City of Maryville TN Play Save
21-5919 Dayna Lee v David Russ Play Save

04-26-2022 - Tuesday
21-5404 USA v Rossen Iossifov Play Save
21-5826 William Nored v TN Dept of Intellectual et al Play Save

04-19-2022 - Tuesday
21-5540 Daniel Williams v Hilton Hall Jr et al Play Save

04-08-2022 - Friday
21-3290 Anthony Novak v City of Parma OH et al Play Save

04-07-2022 - Thursday
22-3272 AZ et al v Joseph Biden et al Play Save

03-24-2022 - Thursday
20-5891 USA v Jayson Montgomery Play Save

03-18-2022 - Friday
21-2748 Leslee Grinnell v City of Taylor MI Play Save
21-3673 Business Dev Corp of SC v Rutter Russin LLC Play Save

03-17-2022 - Thursday
21-1516 Gene Bell Jr v City of Southfield MI et al Play Save
21-2684 Tiffany Savoie v Cty of East Lansing MI et al Play Save
21-3244 C K v Bd of Ed Sylvania Cty Schl Dst Play Save
21-3524 USA v Christopher Bryant Play Save
21-3773 Katherine Merhulik v Weltman Weinberg Reis Co. Play Save
21-5326 21-5604 Wischerman Partners Inc et al v Nashville Hospitality Capital Final Play Save
21-5598 USA v Daniel Miller Play Save
21-5706 Johnnie Sims-Madison v Dana Commercial Vehicle Mfg Play Save
21-5808 Robert Bledsoe v TVA Board of Directors Play Save

03-16-2022 - Wednesday
20-5585 21-5545 Annissa Colson v City of Alcoa TN Play Save
21-2739 Sherry VanNortwick v Anthony Stewart Play Save
21-3209 USA v Jamael White Play Save
21-3350 Cynthia Hurst v Caliber Home Loans Inc Play Save
21-5673 Insite Platform Partners Inc v Comtech Mobile Datacom Corp et al Play Save
21-5683 Fred Courtney v Wright Medical Technology INC Play Save
21-5732 Andrew Bannister v Knox Cnty Bd of Education Play Save
21-5858 Landmark American Insurance Co v Heco Realty LLC Play Save

03-11-2022 - Friday
21-5801 Greg Adkisson et al v Jacobs Engineering Group Inc Play Save

03-10-2022 - Thursday
21-1552 Reform America et al v City of Detroit Mi et al Play Save
21-2673 Grow Michigan LLC v LT Lender LLC Play Save
21-2732 Andre Reynolds v Brandon Szczesniak et al Play Save
21-3405 Wolverine Pipe Line Company v DOT PHMSA Play Save
21-3653 Laborers Intl Union of NA v Terease Neff Play Save
21-3755 Andrew Stevens et al v City of Columbus OH et al Play Save
21-3770 Cardinal Health Inc v National Union Fire Insurance Play Save
21-5686 Stephen Hopkins v Anthony Nichols et al Play Save

03-09-2022 - Wednesday
20-2256 Resurrection School v Elizabeth Hertel et al Play Save
20-3922 Liston Watson v USA Play Save
21-1411 21-1450 Felicia Morgan v Wayne County MI Play Save
21-3470 USA v Gregory Vandemark Play Save
21-3516 NPF Franchising LLC v Sy Dawgs LLC et al Play Save

03-08-2022 - Tuesday
21-1242 21-1293 Dillon Burnett v Josh Griffith Play Save

02-08-2022 - Tuesday
21-1331 21-1378 USA v Larry Chambers Play Save

02-02-2022 - Wednesday
20-3482 John Doe v Oberlin College et al Play Save

02-01-2022 - Tuesday
21-8008 Lance Herschel Harrison Jr Debtor Play Save
21-8011 21-8012 In re Juntoff McPherson et al Debtors Play Save

01-28-2022 - Friday
21-1093 USA v Jeremie Ennis Play Save
21-1243 SunAmerica Housing Fund 1050 v Pathway of Pontiac Inc et al Play Save
21-5602 City of Taylor TN et al v Astec Industries Inc et al Play Save

01-27-2022 - Thursday
19-3896 Louis Akrawi v Merrick Garland Play Save
20-5299 DeAngelo Moody v Mike Parris Play Save
21-1203 USA v Schafer and Weiner PLLC Play Save
21-1371 William LaPlante v City of Battle Creek MI et al Play Save
21-1439 Trident Fasteners Inc v Selective Insurance Company Play Save
21-1488 Kola Hasanaj v Detroit Publ School Community et al Play Save
21-1505 USA v Larry Inman Play Save
21-3428 Tressa Sherrod v Wal-Mart Stores Inc et al Play Save
21-3445 Jeanne King v Steward Trumbull Memorial Hosp Play Save
21-5297 USA v Alex Jackson Play Save
21-5495 Dipendra Tiwari et al v Adam Meier et al Play Save
21-5853 Favian Busby v Floyd Bonner Jr et al Play Save

01-26-2022 - Wednesday
21-1100 Amir Kaki v Tenet Healthcare Corporation et al Play Save
21-1454 Michelle Reynolds v Ryan Addis et al Play Save
21-2605 Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd et al v FCA US LLC_partial_recording Play Save
21-2612 Kevin Lindke v John Tomlinson et al Play Save
21-3424 Lisa Britt v Hamilton County OH Play Save
21-3787 OH v Janet Yellen et al Play Save

01-25-2022 - Tuesday
20-2257 20-2267 Gould Electronics Inc v Livingston County Road Comm Play Save

01-18-2022 - Tuesday
20-6245 USA v Sylvia Hofstetter Play Save
21-1441 Hobart-Mayfield Inc v NOCSAE et al Play Save

01-13-2022 - Thursday
21-1309 Jeffrey Lapinske et al v City of Grand Haven MI et al Play Save
21-1548 Joseph Meadows v City of Walker MI et al Play Save
21-3479 Wesco Insurance Company v Roderick Linton and Belfance LLP et al Play Save
21-5257 Delek US Holdings Inc v USA Play Save
21-5359 Ronald Burns v Berry Global Inc Play Save
21-5482 USA v Zachary Fuchs Play Save

01-12-2022 - Wednesday
21-2668 Gary Anderson v Alexis Holmes et al Play Save
21-3398 Jamal Murray v State of Ohio Dept Corr et al Play Save
21-3616 Sunless Inc v Palm Beach Tan Inc et al Play Save
21-5431 Christopher Clayton v Tri City Acceptance Inc et al Play Save

12-10-2021 - Friday
21-3315 Salvatore Palma Jr et al v Ashtabula Cnty OH et al Play Save

12-09-2021 - Thursday
20-2297 Blanche Barber v Charter Twp of Springfield et al Play Save
20-4103 20-4105 Leonard Mazzola v Anthony Togliatti et al Play Save
20-5460 USA ex rel Kathleen Bryant et al v Community Health Systems Inc et al Play Save
20-6249 USA v Michael Johnson II Play Save
20-6348 USA v Lorenzo Shelton Play Save
21-1029 USA v Shondale Pritchett Play Save
21-1244 Oakland Tactical Supply LLC et al v Howell Township MI Play Save
21-1261 Deborah Howard et al v City of Detroit MI et al Play Save
21-1313 Bari Wood v 36th District Court et al Play Save
21-1500 Mann Construction Inc et al v USA Play Save
21-3156 Raymond Hawkins et al v Cintas Corporation et al Play Save
21-5048 Univ Life Church Monastery et al v Wayne Nabors et al Play Save
21-5054 Martin J Walsh v KDE Equine LLC et al Play Save

12-08-2021 - Wednesday
19-2280 USA v Corey Bailey et al Play Save
20-1715 20-1741 Dwayne Greene et al v Crawford County MI et al Play Save
20-3469 Zehentbauer Family Land LP et al v Total E and P USA Inc et al Play Save
20-3472 20-3496 Christopher Smith v Warden Toledo Corr Inst Play Save
21-1112 Instituto Mexicano del Seguro v Stryker Corporation Play Save
21-1229 Operating Engineers Local 324 et al v Rieth-Riley Construction Co Play Save
21-1366 Nicole Thompson v Scott Renner et al Play Save
21-3342 Meribethe Ingram v Joseph Regano et al Play Save
21-3349 Canton Drop Forge Inc v Travelers Casualty and Surety Co Play Save
21-3367 Judy Fulkerson v Unum Life Ins Co of America Play Save
21-3390 Toby Lamb II v Brant Kendrick et al Play Save
21-3396 Debra ODonnell et al v G Michele Yezzo et al Play Save
21-3412 PI and I Motor Express Inc v RLI Insurance Company Play Save
21-5036 Ive Cahio et al v Drexel Chemical Company Play Save
21-5228 USA ex rel Paul Dorsa v Miraca Life Sciences Inc Play Save
21-5477 Gary Simpkins v Boyd County KY Fiscal Court et al Play Save

12-07-2021 - Tuesday
20-2092 USA v Trevon Gates Play Save
20-2278 Kenneth Nathan v Fieger and Fieger PC Play Save
20-3913 James Cyrus v Sharon Gaber et al Play Save
21-1392 Chrystal Robinson v Quicken Loans LLC Play Save
21-5448 Scott Tomei v Parkwest Med Ctr et al Play Save

11-23-2021 - Tuesday
20-1712 Hakeem Lowry v Southfield Neighborhood Revita et al Play Save

11-09-2021 - Tuesday
19-8013 In re Michelle Dougherty Kelsay Play Save

11-02-2021 - Tuesday
20-3599 Michael Wood v Chad Eubanks et al Play Save
21-1055 S Jones v City of Detroit MI et al Play Save

10-29-2021 - Friday
20-2189 New Hamilton Liquor Store Inc v AmGuard Insurance Company et al Play Save

10-28-2021 - Thursday
18-1806 Georgia-Pacific Consumer Prod v NCR Corporation et al Play Save
19-3527_21-3023 Stephanie Steigerwald v Comm of Social Security Play Save
20-1491 20-1492 20-1515 20-1522 USA v Braxton_Mason_Cannon_Summers Play Save
20-4239 Alison Arocho v Ohio University Play Save
20-4240 USA v. David Ziesel Play Save
20-5577 USA v Daniel Zulawski Play Save
20-5690 Aaron Hill v Kia Motors America Inc et al Play Save
20-5693 Roger Parks v Kia Motors America Inc et al Play Save
21-1108 Thomas Fox v Saginaw County MI Play Save
21-3228 Intl Brotherhood of Teamsters v The Kroger Co Play Save
21-5008 USA v. Damone Bell Play Save
21-5162 Linda Moser v Etowah TN Police Department et al Play Save
21-5168 Bretton Westmoreland v Butler Co KY Play Save

10-27-2021 - Wednesday
19-5427 William Rogers v. Tony Mays Play Save
20-2117 Oakbrook Land Holdings LLC v CIR et al Play Save
20-3908 The OH Adjutant General's Dept v American Federation of Gov et al Play Save
20-3982 Davel Chinn v Warden Chillicothe Corr Play Save
20-5283 Pierre Ajami v Veronica Solano Play Save
20-6228 Sally Doe v Metro Govt of Nashville Play Save
20-6255 20-6258 Becker et al v Delek US Energy Inc Play Save
21-1533 H & H Wholesale Services INC v Kamstra International B V Et al Play Save
21-3115 Steven Aday v Westfield Insurance Co Play Save
21-3126 Westfall Auto Sales LLC v Zurich American Insurance Co et al Play Save

10-26-2021 - Tuesday
19-2217 19-2221 20-1177 USA v Kenneth Sadler et al Play Save
19-3372 etc USA v Hills et al Play Save
19-5427 William Rogers v Tony Mays Play Save
19-6148 19-6186 19-6253 USA v Tondwin Lewis Nernest Nesby DaVante Parker Play Save
20-1384 Emmanuel Beverly v Matt Macauley Play Save
20-1805 21-1053 Fanester James v City of Detroit MI Play Save
20-3530 Edward Avery Sr v Lyneal Wainwright Play Save
20-5835 USA v Quintin Davis Play Save
21-1131 Gun Owners of America Inc et al v DOJ et al Play Save
21-1183 Sophia Balow v Michigan State University et al Play Save
21-1226 Saginaw Chippewa Indian Tribe v Blue Cross Blue Shield of MI et al Play Save
21-5040 Gary Harris v USA Play Save

10-21-2021 - Thursday
19-3350 Marie Joseph v Ronald Joseph Play Save
19-4258 Marie Joseph v Ronald Joseph Play Save
20-1118 et al USA v Donald Gardner et al Play Save
20-1339 Anas Elhady v Unidentified CBP Agents et al Play Save
20-2013 Nita Gordon v Keith Bierenga Play Save
20-3574 Melissa Yatsko et al v Dean Graziolli et al Play Save
20-4268 Jonas Nsongi Mbonga v Merrick Garland Play Save
20-5622 USA v Marilyn Cook Play Save
20-6217 Susan Card v Principal Life Insurance Co Play Save
21-1278 Dominique Slayton v City of River Rouge MI Play Save
21-1318 In re USA Play Save
21-1379 Prevent USA Corporation v Volkswagen AG et al Play Save
21-3012 Kevin Thornton v Jay Forshey Play Save
21-5074 J B-K v Sec KY Cab Health Fam Svc et al Play Save

10-20-2021 - Wednesday
19-1298 Gun Owners of America Inc v Merrick Garland et al Play Save
20-1834 David Saylor v Noah Nagy Warden Play Save
20-1991 Natalie Qandah v Johor Corporation Play Save
20-4091 Dearie Cheatham v Postmaster General USPS Play Save
20-4303 Harry Calcutt III v FDIC Play Save
20-5722 USA v Michael Clark Play Save
20-6167 USA v Jackson Noel Play Save
20-6432 Alex Autran v PG Health and Long Term Dis Play Save
21-1129 Mike Kowall et al v Jocelyn Benson Play Save
21-1365 Ryan Boshaw v Midland Brewing Company Play Save
21-3027 Latrent Redrick et al v City of Akron OH et al Play Save
21-3195 Joseph Sparksman v USA Play Save
21-5011 Sheet Metal Workers Health v Law Office Michael A Demayo Play Save
21-5017 21-5018 21-5019 M Long v Lester Piercy Jr et al Play Save
21-5209 USA v Taurus Cooper Play Save

10-19-2021 - Tuesday
20-2286 Gerald Byrd v Randall Haas Play Save
20-4026 Kenjoh Outdoor LLC v Jack Marchbanks Play Save
20-4128 USA v Clayton Hall - 20-4144 USA v Gregory Franklin II Play Save

10-13-2021 - Wednesday
21-3268 Andrew Rice et al v The Village of Johnstown Ohio Play Save

10-05-2021 - Tuesday
20-3613 Hersie Wesson v Tim Shoop Play Save

09-16-2021 - Thursday
21-3068 Santos Italian Cafe LLC v Acuity Insurance Company Play Save

08-31-2021 - Tuesday
21-1335 Heath Douglas v Nancy Douglas Play Save

08-20-2021 - Friday
19-4025 Ramon Arangure v Merrick Garland Play Save

08-05-2021 - Thursday
20-6437 Thomas Brooks III v Kevin Spiegel Play Save

07-29-2021 - Thursday
20-1448 and 20-1752 Anthony Thompson v OBell Winn and Ronald Kennedy v Randee Rewerts Play Save
20-1538 20-1588 Alison Taylor v City of Saginaw Play Save
20-1778 Desmond Ricks v David Pauch et al Play Save
20-1863 Marc Barrera v City of Mount Pleasant MI Play Save
20-4010 American Premier Underwriters v GE Play Save
20-4119 Roger Gillispie v Miami Township OH Play Save
20-4252 Roberta Lindenbaum v Realgy LLC Play Save
20-4329 Mark Lloyd v Procter Gamble Disability Play Save
20-6391 Dawn Crawford v John Tilley Play Save
20-6434 Jeremiah Waldrop v City of Johnson City TN et al Play Save
21-3007 St Lukes Hosp v ProMedica Health Sys Inc et al Play Save

07-28-2021 - Wednesday
20-2076 Henry Hill v Craig Whitford et al Play Save
20-3598 20-3600 Max Rack Inc v Core Health Fitness Play Save
20-5384 USA v Jesse Bailey Play Save
20-6078 Wendy Browning v Edmonson County KY Play Save
20-6183 USA v William Perry Jr Play Save
21-1005 USA v Martin Osborn Play Save
21-1275 USA v Ronald Hunter Play Save
21-3128 USA v Joenell Rice Play Save

07-22-2021 - Thursday
20-1003 20-1222 Kellom et al v Quinn USA et al Play Save
20-4117 Golf Village North LLC v City of Powell OH et al Play Save
20-5562 and 20-5663 Outfront Media LLC v Randall Powell Play Save
20-6169 Robert Sloat v Hewlett-Packard Enterprise Co Play Save
20-6393 Riccy Enriquez-Perdomo v Ricardo Newman Play Save
20-6414 SJ Consulting Group Inc v Forward Air Inc Play Save
21-3006 USA v Elizabeth Westmoreland Play Save

07-21-2021 - Wednesday
19-2418 USA v Michael Johnson Play Save
19-2433 Serwan Mizori v USA Play Save
19-3361 Walter Raglin v Tim Shoop Play Save
20-2256 Resurrection School v Elizabeth Hertel et al Play Save
20-4219 Jaycee Wamer v University of Toledo Play Save
20-5842 USA v Levester Grayer Play Save
20-6039 USA v Shane Fox Play Save
21-1037 Edmer Barrios Garcia v DHS Play Save
21-1046 Sandra Albright v Carl Christensen Play Save

07-20-2021 - Tuesday
20-1887 USA v Jermaine Clark Play Save
20-1973 Phillip Gibbs v Erica Huss Play Save
20-4102 KenAmerican Resources Inc v SOL Play Save

07-13-2021 - Tuesday
20-4165 Michael Threat et al v City of Cleveland OH et al Play Save

06-24-2021 - Thursday
17-6095 Randy Haight v Scott Jordan Play Save

06-23-2021 - Wednesday
20-5521 USA v Timmy Fields Play Save

06-22-2021 - Tuesday
20-1529 Eugene Scalia v Timberline South LLC et al Play Save

06-15-2021 - Tuesday
19-4146 Walter Himmelreich v Federal Bureau of Prisons et al Play Save

06-14-2021 - Monday
20-4308 Melanie Lockhart v Marietta City Schools et al Play Save

06-11-2021 - Friday
20-1864 Samantha Newell v Central Michigan University et al Play Save
20-5318 Michael Southard v Newcomb Oil Company LLC Play Save
20-5821 Danny Jones v Thomas Vilsack Play Save
Vivian Umfress v City of Memphis TN Play Save

06-10-2021 - Thursday
19-2212 Mark McQueen v OBell Winn Play Save
19-2456 20-1365 Ernest Kirk et al v Calhoun County MI et al Play Save
19-4182 Patricia Kushino et al v FAA et al Play Save
19-6390 19-6392 19-6393 19-6394 USA v Elance Lucas Darden Titington Kilgore Play Save
20-1447 1466 FP Development LLC v Charter Township of Canton MI Play Save
20-1552 Epazz Inc v National Quality Assurance USA et al Play Save
20-2029 Jane Doe v City of Detroit MI Play Save
20-2032 DeAnna Johnson v Ford Motor Company Play Save
20-2060 Mark Krueger v Experian Information Solution et al Play Save
20-3351 Brian Bash v Textron Financial Corporation Play Save
20-3519 20-3553 Hannah Corbin v Steak N Shake Inc Play Save
20-4133 Lee Briggs v UC Play Save
20-4222 Melissa Dovala v Teri Baldauf Play Save
20-5947 Laura Canaday v The Anthem Companies Inc Play Save
20-6027 Pearlie Gambrel v Knox County KY et al Play Save
20-6097 Ruth Chelf v Prudential Insurance Company et al Play Save
20-6098 Stella Dulaney v Flex Films USA Inc et al Play Save
20-6195 Dustan Hale v Boyle County KY Play Save

06-09-2021 - Wednesday
20-1214 20-1215 USA v Antoine Woods et al Play Save
20-1381 Pierre Taylor v Sonal Patel Play Save
20-1769 Daniel Kerber v Wayne County MI et al Play Save
20-1858 Avertest LLC v Livingston County MI Play Save
20-1899 Whirlpool Financial Corp v CIR et al Play Save
20-2220 Pamela Reilly v Ottawa County MI Play Save
20-2279 McKeon Products Incorporated v Howard S Leight Associates Play Save
20-3587 Ted Palladeno v Gary Mohr Play Save
20-4108 Billy Ison v Madison Local School Board et al Play Save
20-4159 Yerbro Turner v McCullough-Hyde Memorial Hosp Play Save
20-4246 USA ex rel USN4U LLC v Wolf Creek Fed Srvs et al Play Save
20-4282 Marion Jolly v Dynegy Miami Fort LLC et al Play Save
20-6067 Flora McGuire v City of Sweetwater TN Play Save
20-6307 Charley Barber v Arch Ins Co et al Play Save
20-6318 Lisa Holden v Unum Life Ins Co of America Play Save
21-1094 USA v John Bass Play Save

06-08-2021 - Tuesday
19-3443 Brian Porter v LaShann Eppinger Play Save
20-1179 20-1223 USA v Fazullah Khan Play Save
20-1878 Donald Tucker v Marquette County MI et al Play Save
20-3969 Greggory Blank v Nationwide Corporation Play Save
20-5879 USA v Jarrell Wilkerson Play Save

06-03-2021 - Thursday
20-5175 USA v Jorge Vargas-Ruiz Play Save

06-02-2021 - Wednesday
20-3995 Benton Benalcazar et al v Genoa Township OH et al Play Save
20-6267 Bristol Regional Womens Center v Herbert Slatery III et al Play Save

05-26-2021 - Wednesday
20-3930 WCI Inc v Ohio Dept of Public Safety et al Play Save

05-20-2021 - Thursday
19-3850 Freddie McNeill Jr v Margaret Bagley Play Save

05-12-2021 - Wednesday
11-3005 20-3429 Jeronique Cunningham v Tim Shoop Play Save
21-3294 OH v Gina Raimondo et al Play Save

04-29-2021 - Thursday
20-1246 Kelly Rhodes v State of Michigan et al Play Save
20-1406 Joshua Simons v Heidi Washington et al Play Save
20-1479 S2 Yachts Inc v ERH Marine Corp Play Save
20-1705 Katrina Woodall et al v Wayne County MI et al Play Save
20-1910 Juannelious Murray Sr v Safir Law PLC Play Save
20-3620 Sean DeCrane v Edward Eckart et al Play Save
20-4051 Alana Harrison v Montgomery County OH Play Save
20-5284 USA v Mark Gould Play Save
20-5869 USA v. Dale Emmons 20-5890 USA v Gerald Lundergan Play Save
20-5969 Memphis Ctr for Repro Health et al v Herbert Slatery III et al Play Save
20-6006 Estate of Beunos Lee Erwin v Greene County TN et al Play Save
20-6014 Springstone Inc v Hiscox Insurance Company Inc Play Save

04-28-2021 - Wednesday
18-2268 etc USA v. Rich et al Play Save
18-3761 August Cassano v Tim Shoop Play Save

04-27-2021 - Tuesday
20-1607 USA v Sirshun Burris Play Save
20-1804 Dawn Hughey v Anthony Easlick Play Save
20-1826 Carhartt Inc v Innovative Textiles Inc et al Play Save
20-1870 Marvin Gerber et al v Henry Herskovitz et al Play Save
20-3977 Denece Thomas v Toms King Ohio LLC et al Play Save
20-5773 20-5778 River City Fraternal Order et al v Kentucky Retirement Systems Play Save
20-5902 Carl Ward v Natl Patient Account Svcs Inc Play Save
20-5928 Jacob Clark et al v Bernadette Stone et al Play Save
20-6016 Salem Pointe Capital LLC v BEP Rarity Bay LLC et al Play Save
20-6118 Wendi Thomas v City of Memphis TN et al Play Save
20-6226 Donald Phillips v Shastine Tangilag et al Play Save

04-22-2021 - Thursday
20-1363 Gerald Ackerman et al v Heidi Washington Play Save
20-1726 AWGI LLC et al v Atlas Trucking Company LLC et al Play Save
20-3045 USA v Davian Warren Play Save
20-3795 Christina Littler v OH Assn of Pub School Empl Play Save
20-4161 Sarah Wilson et al v Eric Gregory et al Play Save
20-5396 Alliance WOR Properties LLC v Illinois Methane LLC Play Save
20-5688 USA v Micky Rife Play Save
20-6051 Christopher Wilson v Orville Butzin Play Save

04-21-2021 - Wednesday
20-1449 B and P Littleford LLC et al v Prescott Machinery LLC et al Play Save
20-1451 B and P Littleford LLC v Prescott Machinery LLC et al Play Save
20-3707 USA v Marcus Henderson Play Save
20-3815 Fawzi Zaya v Merrick Garland Play Save

04-20-2021 - Tuesday
19-5852 Raymond Cartwright Jr v USA Play Save
20-1335 Lakeside Surfaces Inc v Cambria Company LLC Play Save
20-3557 Susan Beiersdorfer et al v Frank LaRose et al Play Save
20-3580 Miguel Guillen v Merrick Garland Play Save
20-5876 USA v Timothy Wellman Play Save
20-6002 Jessica Barefield et al v Jacqueline Hillman et al Play Save

04-15-2021 - Thursday
19-4161 City of Eugene OR et al v FCC et al Play Save

04-08-2021 - Thursday
20-3346 Raymond Twyford v Tim Shoop Play Save

03-23-2021 - Tuesday
19-3537 20-3252 Belkis Corea Escoto et al v Merrick Garland Play Save
19-6071 Brian Devereux et al v Knox County TN et al Play Save

03-17-2021 - Wednesday
20-1734 Anthony Daunt et al v Jocelyn Benson et al Play Save

03-12-2021 - Friday
20-1059 Samuel Dantzler v Randee Rewerts Play Save
20-1660 Joseph Stanislaw et al v Thetford Township MI et al Play Save
20-3918 Seaman Corporation v Edmond Flaherty Play Save
20-5944 Kimissa Rowland v Southern Health Partners Inc et al Play Save

03-11-2021 - Thursday
19-2311 USA v Andre Watson Play Save
19-3966 USA v Joshua Walker Play Save
20-1599 Anti-Vib Rub Pts-End Payor Act Play Save
20-3201 USA v Bruce Felix Play Save
20-3337 Angela Harrison v Life Ins Co of North America Play Save
20-3458 Bob Post v City of Munroe Falls OH et al Play Save
20-5752 Matthew Butler v Ferguson Enterprises Inc Play Save
20-5833 Joseph Ciccio et al v SmileDirectClub LLC Play Save

03-10-2021 - Wednesday
19-6214 Dwight Miller v Kevin Genovese Play Save
20-1527 Freddie Garland v Orlans PC et al Play Save
20-1775 Michael Short v Basil Simon Play Save
20-5723 Online Merchants Guild v Daniel Cameron Play Save

03-09-2021 - Tuesday
20-1250 Ammex Inc v Michigan Dept of Agriculture et al Play Save
20-1257 USA v Narrion Caston Play Save
20-5877 John Shufeldt v Baker Donelson Bearman Play Save

03-04-2021 - Thursday
20-1505 Samantha Burwell v City of Lansing MI et al Play Save
20-1791 General Motors LLC et al v FCA US LLC et al Play Save
20-3101 Luther Johnson v Lisa Peterson et al Play Save
20-3306 USA v James Thomas Play Save
20-5965 Henry Kaplan v University of Louisville et al Play Save

03-03-2021 - Wednesday
14-6508 Victor Taylor v Thomas Simpson Play Save
19-4247 19-4273 USA v Bogdan Nicolescu and USA v Radu Miclaus Play Save
20-1535 USA v Christopher Houghton Play Save
20-3434 Major Smith III v City of Toledo OH et al Play Save
20-3737 William Powell Company v National Indemnity Company et al Play Save
20-5951 USA v Jenny Bailey Play Save

03-02-2021 - Tuesday
20-1633 USA v Michael White Jr Play Save
20-1761 Kenneth Nathan v Great Lakes Water Authority Play Save
20-3847 Viviane Bushong v Delaware City School District et al Play Save
20-3954 USA v Brandon McKinnie Play Save
20-5710 Cynthia Pittman et al v Unum Group et al Play Save
20-5759 Kyle Wallace v Coffee County TN Play Save

02-11-2021 - Thursday
20-3613 Hersie Wesson v Tim Shoop Play Save

02-09-2021 - Tuesday
20-5419 Donald Middlebrooks v Tony Parker et al Play Save

01-29-2021 - Friday
19-2305 USA v Daniel Gissantaner Play Save
19-2470 Nicole Swiger v Joel Rosette et al Play Save
19-4172 USA v William Wheat Jr Play Save
19-5340 Terrance Miles v Scott Jordan Play Save
20-1671 Helena Agri-Enterprises LLC v Great Lakes Grain LLC et al Play Save
20-3639 20-3671 Sofco Erectors Inc v Trustees Ohio Operating Engr et al Play Save
20-5547 LD Management Company et al v Jim Gray Play Save

01-28-2021 - Thursday
19-2410 Abdullah Haydar v Amazon Corporate LLC et al Play Save
20-1104 USA v Daniel Trevino Play Save
20-1137 USA v Paul Nicoletti Play Save
20-1344 Borg Warner Thermal Sys Inc v Carlisle Brake and Friction Inc Play Save
20-5550 20-5551 20-5552 Sharon Potter Brandi Adams Johnny Messer v Comm of Social Security Play Save
20-5565 New London Tobacco Market et al v Kentucky Fuel Corporation et al Play Save
20-5567 New London Tobacco Market et al v Kentucky Fuel Corporation et al Play Save

01-27-2021 - Wednesday
19-5464 United Steel Paper and Forest et al v LLFlex LLC Play Save
19-6293 USA v Rebecca Stampe Play Save
20-3432 OverDrive Inc v Open eBook Forum Play Save
20-3461 20-3462 MJ and MH et al v Akron City School Dist Bd Ed et al Play Save
20-5170 Brian Woodcock et al v Correct Care Solutions LLC et al Play Save
20-5219 USA v James Eakes Play Save

01-26-2021 - Tuesday
19-2429 USA v Gerri Avery Play Save
19-6226 Edward Kendricks III v Mike Parris Play Save
20-1063 Azam Rahimi et al v Rite Aid Corporation Play Save
20-1367 David Reedy v Michael West et al Play Save
20-3089 20-3093 USA v Evans Landscaping Inc and USA v Doug Evans Play Save
20-3358 Michael Grassi et al v John Grassi et al Play Save
20-5513 Ingram Barge Company LLC v Louis Dreyfus Company LLC Play Save

01-14-2021 - Thursday
19-3749 USA v Jason Rosales Play Save
20-1148 USA v James Warner Play Save
20-1162 USA v Demario Simpson Play Save
20-1334 Makini Jackson v Genesee County Road Commission Play Save
20-1342 Eric Earnest Jr v Genesee County MI et al Play Save
20-3329 20-3331 20-3332 Forrester Trucking - H and P Coal Co Inc - Lockworth Inc. v OWCP et al Play Save
20-3577 Carlo Croce v David Sanders Play Save
20-5056 John Harden v Keith Hillman et al Play Save
20-5416 Nitza Scarbro v SSA Play Save

01-13-2021 - Wednesday
20-1199 20-1200 20-1243 Brian Lyngaas v Curaden AG et al Play Save
20-1580 Autumn Smith v David Walters et al Play Save
20-3445 20-3498 Douglas Sullinger et al v Carol Sullinger et al Play Save
20-3680 Robert Taglione v Charter Communications LLC Play Save
20-5458 USA v Joe Russell Jr Play Save

01-12-2021 - Tuesday
19-2443 19-2444 USA v Jeremy Morton Play Save
19-6210 USA v Jeremy Beck Play Save
20-1140 David Cameron v Randee Rewerts Play Save
20-1498 Prime One Insurance Company v Grand Trumbull LLC Play Save
20-1659 Chris Codden v Manistee Area Pub Schools Bd et al Play Save
20-3575 C Schwamberger v Marion County Bd of Elections et al Play Save
20-5526 Sara Davis v Metro Parks and Recreation Dept et al Play Save
20-5669 Blake Cretacci v Joe Call et al Play Save
20-5749 Tony Ramsek et al v Andrew Beshear et al Play Save
20-5850 20-5852 Tara Blessing et al v Sujana Chandrasekhar and John Doe et al v Kathy Griffin Play Save

12-16-2020 - Wednesday
20-1337 Christopher Graveline et al v Jocelyn Benson et al Play Save

12-15-2020 - Tuesday
16-6655 16-6657 USA v Ricky Lanier and Katrina Lanier Play Save
20-6141 Memphis A Phillip Randolph Institute et al v Tre Hargett et al Play Save

12-14-2020 - Monday
19-6395 etc Carolyn Griffith et al v Comm of Social Security Play Save

12-04-2020 - Friday
19-2331 19-2340 James Radke v Monroe County MI et al Play Save
19-6061 USA v Trontez Mahaffey Play Save
20-1232 20-1803 Matthew Nichols v William Dwyer et al Play Save
20-3274 Sabrina Jordan v John Howard et al Play Save
20-3334 Dean Koch v State of Ohio et al Play Save
20-3485 Lynne Donovan v FirstCredit Inc Play Save
20-5021 Latanya Wyatt v Nissan North America Inc Play Save
20-5117 20-5120 USA v. Josh Small and Joni Johnson Play Save
20-5409 Alan Rupp v The Courier-Journal Play Save

12-03-2020 - Thursday
20-1153 Timothy Boykin v Family Dollar Stores of MI Play Save
20-3004 Maybelle Smith et al v Continental Casualty Company Play Save
20-5096 USA v Dwayne Sheckles Play Save

12-02-2020 - Wednesday
19-3730 19-3731 USA v Ronqueize Head and Seronte Newby Play Save
20-1074 LeDura Watkins v Robert Healy Play Save
20-1434 EPLET LLC et al v DTE Pontiac North LLC et al Play Save
20-3216 E A v William Barr Play Save
20-5174 Sevier County Schools Federal et al v Branch Banking and Trust Co Play Save
99-4317 14-3718 Danny Hill v Carl Anderson Play Save

12-01-2020 - Tuesday
19-2070 19-2107 Little Traverse Bay Bands v Gretchen Whitmer et al Play Save
19-4124 19-4131 USA v Pablo Arrechavaleta and Silvio Leon Play Save
19-4232 USA v Jennifer Riccardi Play Save
19-5894 19-5911 19-5943 19-6032 USA v Gowder - Mithavayani - Combs - Tyndale Play Save
20-1285 Eric Ostergren v Heather Frick et al Play Save
20-3435 CHKRS LLC v City of Dublin OH et al Play Save
20-3465 Mindy Carpenter et al v Liberty Insurance Corporation Play Save
20-3470 Joao Teixeira v Andrew Vara et al Play Save
20-5304 Hamilton County TN Emerg Comm et al v Level 3 Communications LLC Play Save
20-5367 Amity Koch v Thames Healthcare Group Play Save
20-5393 Carolyn Tipton v Comm of Social Security Play Save

11-19-2020 - Thursday
19-2109 Walter Bass III v Sherry Burt Play Save
20-3289 Nicholas Meriwether v Francesca Hartop et al Play Save
20-3654 USA v Lisa Elias Play Save
20-5375 Jason Cunningham v Shelby County TN et al Play Save
20-5378 Progressive Rail Inc et al v CSX Transportation Inc Play Save

11-18-2020 - Wednesday
18-6343 19-5745 19-5764 USA v Johnny Williams Jonathan Barrett Joedon Bradley Play Save
20-1172 Kathryn MacEwen Conti v Arrowood Indemnity Company Play Save
20-1191 USA v Freddie Wilson - Copy Play Save
20-3412 Richard Hale v Morgan Stanley Play Save
20-5781 USA v Mark Nix Play Save

11-17-2020 - Tuesday
19-4240 USA et al v Fazzi Associates, Inc et al Play Save
20-5168 Leslie Clabo v Johnson-Johnson Health Care et al Play Save

11-10-2020 - Tuesday
19-1901 19-1903 19-1944 USA v Deshaun Tisdale Dangelo Davis Winston Hill Play Save
19-3824 USA v Derrick Grant Play Save
20-1149 Donna Zirbel v Ford Motor Company Play Save

10-23-2020 - Friday
19-2373 Johnny Strickland v City of Detroit MI et al Play Save
19-2389 USA v Devin Lewis Play Save
19-6461 USA v Walter Powell Play Save
20-1043 John Doe v Michigan State University et al Play Save
20-1553 Candise Hooker v Wanigas Credit Union Play Save
20-5105 Jessica Jones v David Wiseman Play Save

10-22-2020 - Thursday
18-3955 Gary Hughbanks v Stuart Hudson Play Save
19-1779 Corey Thompson v Gregory Skipper Play Save
19-2151 USA v Adam Collard 19-2153 USA v Joseph Collard Play Save
19-2453 Marylynn Genaw v Garage Equipment Supply Play Save
19-3599 USA v Julius Ruffin Play Save
19-4101 Pamela Harris v City of Akron OH Play Save
19-6411 Richard Clemons v John Couch Play Save
20-1061 Allstate Insurance Company v Michael Stack et al Play Save
20-1174 MI EdAssn Family Ret Stf Assn et al v Michigan Education Assn et al Play Save
20-5007 USA ex rel Paul Dorsa v Miraca Life Sciences Inc Play Save
20-5143 Robert Young v Campbell County KY et al Play Save

10-21-2020 - Wednesday
19-1733 USA v Curtis Scott Play Save
19-1968 USA v Dominique Harris Play Save
19-2056 Gregory Ackerman et al v AGRI et al Play Save
19-2249 USA v Raynard Crowe Play Save
19-4074 Andrea Drake et al v DePuy Orthopaedics Inc et al - 19-4075 ASR Hip Implant Products Liability Play Save
20-1029 Darius Theriot v Bob Vashaw Play Save
20-1155 Packard Square LLC v Canyon Partners LLC et al Play Save
20-1182 Crystal Thomas et al v Aaron Bauman et al Play Save
20-3175 Roberto Hernandez-Serrano v William Barr Play Save
20-3222 David Gearhart v EI Du Pont De Nemours and Co Play Save
20-3264 AtriCure Inc v Jian Meng et al Play Save
20-5011 Duzuan Lester v Keith Roberts et al Play Save
20-5748 USA v Keith Ruffin Play Save

10-20-2020 - Tuesday
07-3766 15-4308 Odraye Jones v Margaret Bradshaw Play Save
17-6032 Benny Hodge v Scott Jordan Play Save
18-4191 19-3496 Walid Abdulahad v William P Barr Play Save
18-5380 John Collins v James David Green Play Save
19-2445 USA v Michael Henry Play Save
19-3647 USA v Laith Alebbini Play Save
19-4223 EnTech LTD v Marcia Speece Play Save
20-1002 David Felten et al v William Beaumont Hospital et al Play Save
20-1236 Tenley Good v BioLife Plasma Services LP et al Play Save
20-5135 USA v Richard Mukes Play Save

10-19-2020 - Monday
19-4100 Nicolette Cremeans et al v Samantha Taczak et al Play Save
19-5934 USA v Jeffery Stokes Play Save
19-6378 USA v Shannon Hixon Play Save
20-3312 Shonda Million v Warren County Ohio Play Save

10-13-2020 - Tuesday
20-5427 20-5465 Maryville Baptist - Theodore Roberts et al v Andy Beshear - Robert Neace et al Play Save

10-09-2020 - Friday
19-4224 Altin Shuti v William Barr Play Save
19-6297 Johnny Gatewood v USA Play Save
19-6327 Ronald Ogle et al v Sevier Cnty Rgnl Planning Comm et al Play Save
19-6447 Buck Ryan v David Blackwell et al Play Save
20-1076 Miguel Perez v Sturgis Public Schools et al Play Save
20-3085 Kenneth Kubala v Randy Smith et al Play Save
20-3136 Kelly Copen et al v USA et al Play Save

10-08-2020 - Thursday
19-3986 Henry Navas-Medina v William Barr Play Save
19-5505 Church Joint Venture LP v Earl Blasingame et al Play Save
19-6196 Myra Huls v Mark Davis Play Save
20-1048 Produce Pay Inc v Spiech Farms LLC Play Save

10-07-2020 - Wednesday
18-4106 Demetreus Keahey v Dave Marquis Play Save
19-1314 Rebecca Foster v Univ of Michigan Bd of Regents et al Play Save
19-2058 Beth Chubb et al v Daimler Trucks NA LLC Play Save
19-4225 Louisville G and E Co et al v FERC Play Save
19-5753 USA v Jamar Garrison Play Save
20-5269 Patrick Stockdale et al v Kim Helper Play Save
20-5301 USA ex rel Gurpreet Maur MD v Elie Hage-Korban et al Play Save

10-06-2020 - Tuesday
18-5676 18-6003 USA v Jankie Jackson and Peter Combs Play Save
19-3784 USA v John Simer II Play Save
19-6469 EEOC v West Meade Place LLP Play Save
20-5290 Stephanie Troutman v Louisville Metro Dept of Corr et al Play Save

10-05-2020 - Monday
19-1984 USA v Darrell Mitchell Play Save
19-2252 UAW International et al v TRW Automotive US LLC Play Save
20-1219 Bobbie Kooman et al v Boulder Bluff Condominiums et al Play Save

08-24-2020 - Monday
20-3585 Libertarian Party of Ohio et al v Degee Wilhem et al Play Save

08-06-2020 - Thursday
19-1434 Alan Trowbridge v Jeffrey Woods Play Save
19-4092 20-3038 First Choice Chiropractic LLC et al v Mike DeWine et al Play Save
19-4136 Abigail Ladd et al v Jack Marchbanks Play Save
19-6115 Hiller LLC v Success Group International Play Save
20-5016 David Bohler v City of Fairview TN et al Play Save

08-05-2020 - Wednesday
19-1757 Ronrico Simmons Jr v USA Play Save
19-2148 Ded Rranxburgaj v Kirstjen Nielsen et al Play Save
19-2347 Vernon Proctor v Karen Krzanowski et al Play Save
19-2386 Kenneth Lowe v Walbro LLC Play Save
19-3540 19-3543 USA v Angel Cordero - Eduardo Velasquez Play Save
19-4217 Jade Thompson v Marietta Education Association et al Play Save
19-4264 Andre Hunt v Frank Sunquist et al Play Save
19-5131 Jasper Pollini v Scott Jordan Play Save
19-6308 Debra Brusch v USA et al Play Save
19-6409 Karla Parton v Johnson and Johnson et al Play Save
20-5199 Vapor Technology Association et al v FDA et al Play Save

08-04-2020 - Tuesday
19-2366 Kurt Hammond v Oakland County MI et al Play Save
19-4223 Jamie Marquardt v Nicole Carlton et al Play Save
19-5967 USA v Samer Abdalla Play Save
20-1020 DeAngela Solomon v CaRite Corporate LLC et al Play Save

08-03-2020 - Monday
19-2405 M Willman v US Attorney General Play Save
19-3993 19-4249 Vicki Linneman et al v VitaMix Corporation et al Play Save
20-3717 Howard Hawkins et al v Mike DeWine et al Play Save

07-30-2020 - Thursday
19-1385 19-1453 USA v Babubhai Rathod Play Save
19-1796 Lynette Duncan v Liberty Mutual Ins Co Play Save
19-2266 Dafinka Stojcevski v Macomb County MI et al Play Save
19-4039 Davita Inc et al v Marietta Memorial Hosp Empl et al Play Save
19-4060 Jeffrey Mann et al v Ohio Department of Rehabilitation et al Play Save
19-5815 19-5983 USA v Christian Sherrill Willie Somerville Play Save
19-6010 USA v Maurice Burks Play Save
20-3021 Gregg Fledderjohann v Celina City School Bd of Ed et al Play Save

07-29-2020 - Wednesday
19-2179 Sheila Armstrong v MI Bureau of Services for Blind Persons Play Save
19-2371 19-2421 Sysco Grand Rapids LLC v NLRB Play Save
19-3076 USA v Arvel Henderson II Play Save
19-3836 Karst Robbins Coal Company et al v OWCP et al Play Save
19-3949 USA v William Kozerski Play Save
19-4253 Ellen Abdur-Rahim et al v City of Columbus OH e al Play Save
19-5942 USA v Travis Suggs Play Save
20-1038 Todd Courser v Keith Allard et al Play Save

07-28-2020 - Tuesday
19-1748 USA v Sophia Eggleston Play Save
19-2079 Yatinder Singhal v Basil Simon Play Save
19-4097-4099 In re Natl Prescription Opiate Litigation Play Save
19-5483 Hanover American Ins Co v Tattooed Millionaire et al Play Save
19-5964 USA v Patrick Smith Play Save
19-6074 USA v Eric Todd Play Save
19-6284 Milton Rhea v W Tenn Crime and Drug Task Force et al Play Save
20-3060 Cassandra Thompson v Fresh Products LLC et al Play Save

07-23-2020 - Thursday
19-3051 George Bavelis et al v Ted Doukas et al Play Save

07-09-2020 - Thursday
18-3582 Anas Elhady et al v David Pekoske Play Save

07-01-2020 - Wednesday
19-2089 B and G Towing LLC et al v City of Detroit MI Play Save

06-22-2020 - Monday
20-1469 Jamaal Cameron et al v Michael Bouchard et al Play Save

06-18-2020 - Thursday
19-1840 Todd Courser v MI House of Representatives et al Play Save
19-3500 State of Ohio et al v EPA et al Play Save
19-5466 Kruti Desai et al v Charter Communications LLC Play Save
19-5658 USA v Willie Garth Play Save
19-6180 USA v Robert Ware Play Save

06-17-2020 - Wednesday
19-2054 USA v. Denver Lee Play Save
19-3094 USA v Russell Davis Play Save
19-4004 Infinity Capital LLC, et al. v. Francis David Corporation Play Save
19-4204 Rodney Hayslip v Genuine Parts Company et al Play Save
19-6243 Gregory Atkins et al v Tony Parker et al Play Save
20-5178 Joan Weser v Kimberly Goodson et al Play Save

06-16-2020 - Tuesday
18-1876 Eric Hopson v Connie Horton Play Save
19-3673 USA v Troy Baker Play Save
19-3852 Jonathan Barger et al v United Brotherhood et al Play Save
19-5719 Susan Hicks et al v State Farm Fire and Casualty Co Play Save
19-5746 USA v Oscar Salamanca Play Save
19-6235 Keshia Turner et al v Deborah Lowen et al Play Save
19-6333 Gary West et al v KY Horse Racing Commission et al Play Save

06-12-2020 - Friday
19-6258 North American Specialty Ins et al v Heritage Glass LLC et al Play Save

06-11-2020 - Thursday
19-1400 Derek Waskul et al v Washtenaw County Community et al Play Save
19-1736 Randall Overton v Matt MaCauley Play Save
19-3740 North Canton Bd of Education v AT_T et al Play Save
19-4078 Cecil Goff v Nationwide Mutual Ins Co et al Play Save
19-5623 Tammy Brawner v Scott County Tennessee Play Save
19-6340 Jason Ragland v BM2 Freight Services Inc Play Save
19-6347 John Does v Deborah Haaland et al Play Save
20-3014 Kathleen OKeeffe v Continental Casualty Company Play Save